“The training I received at T6 gave me the confidence and communication skills I needed to develop a closer bond with my working dog, Harlee. T6 is awesome!”

— Brayden Caballero & Harlee

T6 of West Texas has revitalized my life with new purpose and focus.  T6 provides the camaraderie of sharing experiences with fellow veterans and working dogs in a grounded Christian based environment where one can achieve a bond with and receive the unconditional love of the working K9. 

— Dick Baker & Beth

I first became acquainted with T6 after a tragedy involving a Veteran family in the Lubbock area. The love I saw for all people, especially Veterans was very evident. They step up when needed in a way that is encouraging to see, quite possibly preventing further tragedy. When the immediate emergency is past they stay in contact with the new family member. Yes, I said Family Member, because that’s what clients and friends quickly become. 

They have access to some of the world’s best service and down range dogs along with an expert cadre of trainers/counselors both for K9 and Veterans. The T6 board of Directors consists of some of the most Patriotic Americans that can be assembled in the United States today. 

I’ve heard it said “When a Veteran reaches out for help he doesn’t use both hands, because his other hand is reaching back to bring another veteran with him”. This applies to T6, they are truly Veterans helping Veterans!” 

— Rick Hadley

Past Commander, American Legion

Post 575 | Lubbock, Texas