T6 is a Christian, family-owned business. We are unique in that our nation’s heroes are the key leaders of our organization. They make decisions as a team on what programs and services we provide.

We equip and empower our nation’s heroes and the general public with service, working and obedience dog training techniques that have a life-changing impact for the owner and dog.


The T6 brand has a timeless and rich history that dates back to the early 1900’s, as our family was one of the first families to farm and ranch in Reeves County, Texas. Today, T6 has evolved into one of the finest K9 training facilities in North America. The story of T6’s transformation began in early 2020 when our founder, Margaret Duncan (aka Nana), had the opportunity to visit Baden K9 in Canada to experience K9 training events. She had learned about Baden K9 from her grandson who had served in the military and received a Baden dog after his service. Nana experienced firsthand the bond and changes in her grandson’s life that quite literally were lifesaving. Being able to meet and get to know the Baden K9 family and see the training process, Nana was able to understand why and how the dramatic changes a service K9 and a group of dedicated men can bring into one’s life.

Upon returning to Texas, Nana’s heart, mind and spirit were completely set into a purposeful direction. A prayerful decision was answered to provide a place for our heroes to experience the same blessings and life-changing resources she had witnessed at Baden K9. Within a few short months ground was breaking and walls were going up on a facility that would fulfill the mission of T6 to serve our heroes, their families and the community.