K9 Procurement

At T6 we procure service and working dogs for our Heroes through Baden K9. Receiving a working dog from Baden K9 is a life-changing event for the recipient and their family. If you know of a Hero that may qualify as a recipient for a Baden canine or if you would like to apply for yourself, here are the steps.

Complete the “Canine Reality Checklist and “Canine Acquisition Application” below. Completed applications can be sent by mail to T6 of West Texas, LLC – P.O. Box 370 – Anton, Texas 79313, or via email with Baden K9 Procurement forms in the subject line to Once the documents are received you will be contacted and an informal, preliminary interview will be scheduled to answer any questions you may have.

Education & Support

Bridge the Gaps. Assist, Educate, Follow-up

Founded on the basic principles of respect, shared responsibility and mutual understanding we have taken initiatives to bring together many different resources, perspectives, and strategies to help veterans with some of their most profound struggles.  We can provide the following courses on site, at businesses, or in the community, including rural areas.